Echoes in the Digital Realm: Report on World Wide Engagement and Narratives on The Events in Gaza

PSI and Makana 360

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In the wake of escalating tensions in Palestine, especially Gaza, the digital realm has seen an unprecedented surge in conversations and media coverage. These conversations offer a window into global perspectives, providing varied interpretations of the evolving situation.

For this report, our team has embarked on a meticulous journey to capture, gather, and analyze these digital conversations and their corresponding engagements. Our goal is to understand the global flow of information and its nuances, drawing insights into the diverse narratives, their sources, and the extent of their reach. A particular emphasis has been placed on understanding the volume and nature of these conversations, pinpointing who’s driving them. Moreover, we’ve dedicated a section to explore the reactions and sentiments of Jordanians amidst these developments, aiming to shed light on this unique perspective.

This digital intelligence reports and analysis online conversations and engagement world wide on the period from 7/10/2023 to 20/10/2023.

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