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Jordan Navigating its Interests in EU-GCC New Strategic Partnership

The Russian invasion of Ukraine had created various crises on the international stage, particular in energy prices, food supply chains, and inflation. These events made many countries reconsider the strategic importance of the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf. In a virtual roundtable hosted by the Politics and Society Institute in coordination with Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung, experts from the Arab World…

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Jordan and Syria: Considerations of Strategic Interests and National Security

In the scientific seminar “The War in Syria: A Way Forward”, held jointly by the Politics and Society Institute (PSI) and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) on 11th of October 2021, Jordanian and European experts virtually gathered to engage in a lively discussion on the future of strategic and security considerations to Syria and the region. Main topics included firstly,…

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Examining the “end of the two-state solution” and the options available to Palestinians and Jordanians

AMMAN – Jordanian, Palestinian, and Western politicians and researchers have agreed that the option of a “two-state solution” is no longer viable, nor is it a feasible or realistic option in the context of developments on the ground and in the context of clear Israeli policies that eliminate any possibility of establishing an independent Palestinian state from the territories occupied…

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Developments in Palestinian Occupied Territories

Developments in Palestinian Occupied Territories; Regional Context, and Jordanian Policy Politics and Society Institute Headnotes: Factors leading to the escalation and the outbreak of the Palestinian popular uprising. Internal and external implications of what is happening in the occupied territories. Regional and international variables and their reflection on what is happening in the occupied territories. Evaluating Jordan’s position and how…

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Towards a Jordanian Democratic Model: How to make sure we are on the right path?

By: Hussein Al Majali and Dr. Mohammad Abu Rumman         Translated by Lena Al AloulHow to make sure we are on the right path was not a question raised by politicians or citizens. Rather, it is a question that His Majesty the King himself put forward nine years ago in his first discussion paper, which has been followed…

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