The Institute publishes regular studies and analytical reports in additions to its research projects and programs, which include:

The Trajectory

An Analytical periodical review of ongoing transformations and emerging trends in the region across various fields with impact on politics and society.

The Decision Memo

A policy paper that addresses current challenges and provides educated policy options and executive recommendations for policy makers.

Policy Dialogues

PSI holds regular online conferences on topics and issues of concern in collaboration with experts and institutions from various countries and regions. PSI issues Takeaway Papers from such conferences.

Workshops and specialized capacity building courses

These include capacity building for youth and activists in participatory politics, as well as policy making and strategic planning courses for decision makers. Workshops aim to enhance democratic and institutional capacity as well as importance of values of pluralism, civil society and rule of law.

PSI Polls

Planned annually with partner institutions to support PSI research and Annual Takeaway Reports.

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