A Message Coming from Moscow: ISIS is recovering

Four members of the Islamic State organisation “ISIS” carried out a shooting attack on the “Crocus City Hall” music concert in Moscow on Friday evening, killing over 100 people, according to a statement from the organisation’s A’maq agency. The operation has raised many questions, ranging from scepticism about the identity of the perpetrators, despite the organisation’s statement, to the reasons…

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Echoes in the Digital Realm: Report on World Wide Engagement and Narratives on The Events in Gaza

Click here to download the full report In the wake of escalating tensions in Palestine, especially Gaza, the digital realm has seen an unprecedented surge in conversations and media coverage. These conversations offer a window into global perspectives, providing varied interpretations of the evolving situation. For this report, our team has embarked on a meticulous journey to capture, gather, and…

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  The Return of the Taliban: Geopolitical Questions and Strategic Implications

     Researchers and experts at the Institute for Politics and Society discussed a research paper entitled (The American Withdrawal from Afghanistan: A Reading of the Possible Causes and Consequences) by researcher Dr. Khaled Shanikat, the paper dealt with the effects of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, its causes and repercussions on regional and international powers, and the possible scenarios for…

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