Palestine and the Jordanian National Security

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On the Cusp of Change

Field analytical study of the situation of Jordanian political parties and expected paths to Download click here

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The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan: The Internal Disturbance in the Light of Generation Gap and Overcoming the Regulatory Framework.

Mohammad Alameen Assaf The expansion of the committed space outside the regulated frameworks cannot be considered the only case in the context of the dissolution of the regulatory state at the expense of the unregulated space. The party and political spaces that are framed and organized in general today have become less attractive than in the past, and their ability…

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After the Caliphate

Ideology, Propaganda, Organization and Global Jihad Will ISIS make a comeback? The Book has attempted to gauge the repercussions and consequences of the collapse of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The different research papers explored the level of the ability of the organization itself in recruitment, political and media propaganda, mobilization, ideological resilience, and organizational cohesion, as well as its…

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