Vision and Mission

Politics and Society Institute (PSI), is a Jordanian nonprofit policy and research organization established to advance practical research, innovative ideas and realistic solutions towards building a more prosperous Jordan and a stable region.
The Institute is an independent organization that aims to deepen the understanding of public policy and decision-making processes and to build a better knowledge platform of domestic and regional dynamics that will define our future.
The Institute advances its mission guided by values of rule of law, civil society, good governance and moderation. It provides an innovative, integrated and global approach to its analysis of complex trends and transformations with particular attention to youth dynamics. A Board of Trustees overseas and guides the Institute’s plans and programs. The Executive President manages all its programs with the support of the PSI team and Associated Advisors.
The Institute aims to provide practical solutions, based on up to date studies and research in political, economic, security and social fields. The Institute hopes to define future trends for Jordan and the region through its analysis and projections, focusing on impact of accelerating transformations on the politics and societies of the Middle East.
PSI seeks to organize capacity-building programs for youth to enhance civil society and the rule of law, policymaking, participatory politics and good governance. By bringing together experts and thinkers from various disciplines and regions, the institute hopes to be able to build ideas and solutions through current and relevant research and integrated analysis that can help policy makers advance national interests and build a more stable region by effectively responding to complex challenges and rapid transformations.

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