American Interests and Public Opinion during the War on Gaza

As the United States enters a crucial election season, the pace of American popular protests against the Israeli war on Gaza rises daily, and the voices calling for a ceasefire expand. Within these protests, there are condemnations of the direct American role in supporting Israel and obstructing international efforts to end the war. Sharp criticisms of the U.S. President label…

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From Settlement to Captagon: The Security Dynamics in Syria’s Daraa

The Captagon problem has been one of the most critical security dilemmas for Jordan, due to the increasing attempts of drug and weapon trafficking into its borders that became a threat to Jordan’s national security according to a formal assessment paper, along with the ineffectiveness of the current mechanisms to deter the actors involved in Captagon, particularly Iran-backed militias and…

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Regional repercussions of the Israeli war on Gaza

        Although the strategic implications of the war on Gaza have not yet emerged, which will be considerably associated with forthcoming developments on the ground, it is clear that there are repercussions and initial implications that have become apparent, since the war started, which reflects a major shift in the structure of regional relations, i.e the most accurate term in…

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Israeli Elections: A Second Zionist State in Palestine and the Legitimization of Corruption?

The world saw Knesset member Itamar Ben Gvir, in December 2021, grabbing his pistol, even though he was surrounded by Israeli soldiers, and pointing it at the Palestinians of Sheikh Jarrah. This scene embodies his program on which he ran in the recent Israeli elections, and now he and those who share the same program will most likely be part…

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Discussion Workshop Discusses Jordanian-European Joint Strategic Interests and Challenges

AMMAN – Despite the many negative effects of the Russian-Ukrainian war on international relations in general, energy prices, and food chains, these events have renewed the strategic importance of the Middle East region in the field of energy, food, and the global economy, as seen by the Jordanian, European and American politicians and experts who participated in a discussion workshop…

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