After the Caliphate

Ideology, Propaganda, Organization and Global Jihad Will ISIS make a comeback? The Book has attempted to gauge the repercussions and consequences of the collapse of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The different research papers explored the level of the ability of the organization itself in recruitment, political and media propaganda, mobilization, ideological resilience, and organizational cohesion, as well as its…

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 Political Islam a decade after the Arab Spring Project

       The project was held in several sessions by the Politics and Society Institute (PSI), in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), to study the changes and transformations that occurred in Islamic movements in many Arab countries after a decade of the Arab Spring revolutions.       The institute aimed through the project, in which dozens of Arab researchers and experts…

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Seminar entitled “Facing Unemployment… Establishing a Future Strategic Framework”

Seminar entitled "Facing Unemployment... Establishing a Future Strategic Framework"

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Tunisia’s Bumpy Road to Democracy

The current crisis in Tunisia does not mean the end of its democratic transition. But it needs reliable partners — and to stop opportunistic foreign influence.

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