Political Islam a decade after the Arab Spring Project

       The project was held in several sessions by the Politics and Society Institute (PSI), in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), to study the changes and transformations that occurred in Islamic movements in many Arab countries after a decade of the Arab Spring revolutions.

      The institute aimed through the project, in which dozens of Arab researchers and experts in the political Islam field participated, to review and revisit the raised questions and new debates amid Islamists by experts and researchers, the important question was not merely related to the Islamists- authority relations or the pre-Arab Spring debates whether Islamists accept democracy or not? Thus, ten years of the Arab Spring were not sufficient to rephrase questions and move debates and discussions to different spaces than those that were on the eve of the events of the Arab Spring.

     The project divided Islamic experiences into four main sections, allocating a mini-conference to discuss each of the themes, holding a workshop to draw conclusions and future prospects, preparing a research paper and background for each conference, in addition to identifying questions, issues and concepts that were the subject of discussion and dialogue, coordination with experts and researchers specialized in these themes in order to hold conferences within the year, thus there were four conferences, each of which addressed one of the main topics, each one was published in a book, all were published in one volume.

The studies, comments, and dialogues that took place in the conferences within the project were published in a comprehensive book.

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