The conference on “Political Islam after a decade of the Arab Spring” concludes its sessions tomorrow

 Amman- The Politics and Society Institute in cooperation with the German Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, will hold the closing session of the regional conference “Political Islam after a decade of the Arab Spring” on Tuesday, the first of which was held in June, with the participation of a group of Arab researchers.
The concluding session, “Political Islam and Future Prospects”, discusses questions, approaches, and priorities in the field of studying Islamic movements, and the transformations that have occurred in this field, in addition to international and regional variables and policies and their impact on Islamic movements, and the response of these movements to new regional and international data, through two research papers.  The first is entitled: “Islamic Movements and International and Regional Variables” presented by the researcher in political science and international relations at Istanbul University, Dr. Ammar Fayed, and the second is entitled: “A review of questions, curricula, and priorities in the field of study of Islamic movements” presented by the Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies  And a researcher at the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Washington, Dr. Khalil Al-Anani.
The closing session ends, as the researcher at the Institute of Politics and Society Abdullah Jabour points to the publication of a book about the conference, which collects research papers, in addition to the most important discussions, comments, conclusions, and conclusions that the sessions witnessed, which contribute to enriching the research library to study and analyze the field of Islamic groups and movements and their future in the Arab region.
It is noteworthy that the closing session of the conference will be available to those interested and followers via the live broadcast of the Facebook page of the Institute for Politics and Society, on Tuesday, August 31, at 6 pm Jordan time.

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