Al-Safadi Meets with a Group of Opinion Leaders to Discuss the Situation in Gaza at PSI

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ayman Al-Safadi met on Monday, October 30th, with a group of authors, journalists, opinion leaders, and intellectuals at the Politics and Society Institute in Amman, where he discussed the international and diplomatic scene amid the war on Gaza, reviewing political and diplomatic developments globally in light of the Israeli military operations against Gaza at the beginning of last month. Safadi outlined Jordan’s official communications and meetings with countries worldwide, emphasizing the efforts to convey the Palestinian narrative and reveal the reality and severity of Israeli attacks on the region. He disclosed behind-the-scenes efforts to gain international support for a ceasefire and aid delivery, highlighting significant pressures to counter the Israeli narratives dominating the global perception. Al-Safadi also analyzed the strategic situation in the region, the repercussions of the Gaza war, and the future of various political alliances post-October 7th.

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