PSI launches “The Islamists: ten years after the Arab Spring” Conference

In cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Politics and Society Institute will hold the first session of the research conference “Islamists: Ten Years After the Arab Spring”, next Sunday.
 The conference aims to study and analyze the transformations in the reality of Islamic movements in the Arab region, and includes a reconsideration of the questions posed in and around Islamists by experts and researchers in this field.
According to the institute, the first session discusses the experiences of Islamists in governance and power during the past decade, and analyzes them in-depth, by reading 3 different experiences in practices and policies and varied in results and outcomes, namely, the experience of the Ennahda Party in Tunisia, the experience of the “Justice and Development” Party in Morocco, and the experience of the “Freedom and Justice Party” In Egypt (until 2013).
 Through the presented papers, specialized researchers will answer questions about the features and landmarks of the Islamic experience in governance, in addition to an evaluation reading of the political and economic performance of those experiences, and the most prominent transformations and changes that occurred in the discourse of these movements, their vision, their political programs, and their positions, and the comparison between the stages before and during power and what Then.
This conference is a cumulative resumption of the knowledge-research effort previously presented by a group of experts and researchers specializing in this field.

Translation will be provided after the lunching..

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