“Politics and Society” launches the economic observatory to monitor the outputs of the “vision of economic modernization”

     The Politics and Society Institute (PSI), in cooperation with a group of experts, academics and specialized institutions, launched an economic observatory, which works to monitor, follow up and analyze the outputs of the recently announced “Vision of Economic Modernization”.

     The Economic Modernization Observatory, which is entitled “Eco-Meter”, will be one of the independent monitoring tools, within a scientific methodology that follows up on the performance indicators of the strategy implementation plan adopted by the government, reinforcing the concept of democracy and economic justice.

     It is noteworthy that vision depends on two pillars; The growth and the quality of life, and both share the characteristic of sustainability.

      The vision has been translated into a strategic action plan through major objectives and growth levers, where the vision will be implemented through 8 economic growth levers covering 35 sectors that include more than 366 initiatives, each of which was described separately in detail, and identified objectives, performance indicators and the entities responsible for implementation within the framework A clear timeframe extending over ten years, with a value of more than 40 billion Jordanian dinars.

      It is noteworthy that the Politics and Society Institute (PSI) is a non-profit organization and an independent studies and research institute that aims, through its work, to achieve stability and prosperity in Jordan and the region, and to strengthen knowledge frameworks and tools in the region and its communities, in addition to analyze and anticipate risks and changes and presents creative ideas and practical solutions that contribute to addressing local and regional challenges in the political, security, economic and social fields, especially those related to demographic transformations and the role of youth in politics and society.

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