The session entitled “The Russo-Ukrainian War: Political and Economic Implications”

  Amman- The Institute of Politics and Society held a session on Monday, February 28, 2022, entitled “Russo-Ukrainian War: Political Repercussions and Economic Effects,” with the participation of a group of experts and researchers in the fields of political science, international relations, economics, and trade, discussed the Russo-Ukrainian war and its political repercussions on the international system and its effects on international and European politics and their role in changing the global balance of power. In addition, the session discussed questions about the economic effects of the war and its impact on global trade routes and the prices of energy and raw materials around the world. The session also discussed questions about the impact of this crisis on Jordan and the prices of the products it imports, especially wheat, and whether this war will lead to greater economic repercussions on the Jordanian economy in particular and the global economy in general after the global economies exhausted after the Corona pandemic.

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