Workshop about Freedom of Speech and Pluralism in the Public Sphere.

   The Institute of Politics and Society, in partnership with the European Union Delegation in Ma’an, held a workshop entitled “Freedom of Speech and Pluralism in the Public Domain: Information Flow is a Lever for Modernizing the Political System” intending to raise the confidence of Jordanian public opinion and support the modernization of the political system, for which a royal committee was recently formed to modernize it.
The premise of this workshop stems from the need for citizens in the Kingdom to express their opinions freely on a permanent basis in line with the plurality of opinions in the public sphere, in light of the weak ability of traditional media to build trust between decision-makers and local communities.

The workshop aims to analyze the impact of different types of information flow on democratization, and analyze the impact of new media on the transformation of the political and social behavior of mass communication, in addition to building a safe space for dialogue on the role of the public sphere platforms in modernizing the political system and following the recommendations of the Royal Committee formed for this purpose, in addition to clarifying the strengths and weaknesses of the views and perspectives of young people and women in the public

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