Shruti Satish

A distinguished alumna of The Ohio State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science, with a focus on International Relations and Diplomacy. Presently, she is pursuing her passion for knowledge and global affairs at the renowned Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. Eagerly committed to her academic journey, she is determined to excel and achieve a Master's degree in International Relations and Political Science. Notably, Shruti is actively involved in her field, working for both the Politics and Society Institute and the Institute for Global Cohesion, where she seeks to make a meaningful impact on the world's political landscape.

What is happening in France?

Police brutality, systemic racism, social inequality, and a sense of marginalization have become increasingly prevalent in Western countries, and France is no exception. Recently, a tragic incident unfolded in Nanterre, France, where a police officer killed 17-year-old Algerian Nahel M. during a routine traffic stop. This event sparked widespread anger and protests, which unfortunately escalated into violence, looting, and clashes…

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