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July 25 Presidential decisions in Tunisia: A coup against legitimacy or a correction to the course of the revolution?!

Tunisian President Kais Saied’s decisions on July 25, 2021 caused a sensation in Tunisia and the Arab region, with reactions divided between supporters of the decisions in a state of victory over the ruling political forces and those opposing them in fear and anxiety about dragging the country into a state of security instability and the loss of the democratic…

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Youth and the Approach of Protest and Change in the Arab Countries

The year 2020 witnessed the passing of the tenth anniversary of the start of the Arab revolutions, which ignited the first spark from the body of the Tunisian young man, Mohamed Bouazizi, who burned himself after being insulted by the local authorities in the city of Sidi Bouzid after they confiscated the vegetable cart from which he was feeding, to…

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