“New Horizon” project to unify society discourse towards state modernization in Jordan

 Politics and Society (PSI) Institute, funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF), in partnership with the Naya Community Network and the Citizenship Center for Development, launched the “New Horizon” project, which aims to enhance the civil and political participation of youth and women in Jordan, based on the outcomes of the Royal Commission to Modernize the Political System. The project’s work will be concentrated in 6 governorates; Irbid, Mafraq, Zarqa, Madaba, Karak and Tafila.

According to the Executive Director of PSI, Rasha Fityan, the project targets 90 young Male and Female, and provides specialized training in the fields of development and modernization, in addition to workshops and periodic meetings with experts and decision-makers, to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to work on community initiatives within their communities and universities during the program in the context of supporting and unifying efforts aimed at implementing the outcomes of the Royal Commission and modernization visions, especially the political one, and actively involve them in advancing reform and modernization in various fields. The project also includes building partnerships with 7 civil society organizations in the targeted governorates to enhance their ability to develop dialogue toward political modernization in Jordan.

Fityan explained that the project also aims to enhance the participation of youth and women in elections, and also seeks to improve dialogue with decision-makers about their role in the political reform process. The project is expected to create a positive impact by providing the target group with the necessary skills for effective participation in public and political life. The ability to analyze topics; Civic and political participation, justice, the rule of law, communication and media, climate change and environmental responsiveness, integrity, and transparency.

Fityan stressed that the Institute of Politics and Society, through this project and other projects that the Institute is working on with its partners, aims to build a solid foundation for dialogue to expand broad community participation in political modernization.

Politics and Society Institute is a non-profit organization and an independent studies and research institute that aims, through its work, to achieve stability and prosperity in Jordan and the MENA region to enhance knowledge frameworks and tools between the region’s communities.

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