“PSI” Holds a Session on the Saudi-American Negotiations

and its Impact on the Palestinian Question and the Jordanian National Security

The Politics and Society Institute holds a closed discussion session at its headquarters next Monday, addressing the Palestinian issue and Jordanian national interests in light of the Saudi-American negotiations.

The session revolves around the Palestinian issue as a strategic and diplomatic priority, as well as a matter of national security in Jordan. It raises questions about the extent of the impact of the Saudi-American negotiations and the resulting strategic and regional consequences. This is especially relevant concerning Jordan’s approach to the peaceful settlement of the Palestinian issue, its support for the National Palestinian Authority, the strained relationship with the Netanyahu government, and the trajectory of relations with Saudi Arabia within its new strategic contexts.

The session will include a distinguished group of researchers, academics, diplomats, and experts in this field. PSI regularly holds sessions to assess political positions and understand the anticipated trajectories of various issues that occur locally, regionally, and internationally.

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