Islamists after ten years of the Arab Spring


Jordanian Islamists, the State, Society and the perspective of “Cultural Hegemony”

The recently published book, “Islamists in Jordan: Religion, State, and Society” (to be published soon by the Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung in Amman) deals with the developments and transformations of the Jordanian Islamists in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, although it is, as the authors say a revisit to the field of political Islam in Jordan, however, goes beyond the traditional…

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The second session of the conference “Islamists after ten years of the Arab Spring” will be held next Thursday

PSI, in cooperation with the German Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, will hold, next Thursday, the second session of the research conference “Islamists Ten Years After the Arab Spring” which title will be; “Islamists in the opposition and internal wars”. ⏱  At 6:00 P.M., Amman time. The session will be broadcast live on the Institute’s Facebook page. This conference aims to study and…

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