The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Institute, Adnan Abu Odeh, passed away.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Institute, Adnan Abu Odeh, passed away.

The Politics and Society Institute mourns the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Adnan Abu Odeh, who passed away this morning, February 2, 2022, at the age of 89. The administration of the Institute expresses its condolences to the Jordanian people for the great loss of a national symbol who played an important and major role in pivotal moments in Jordan’s history. He has held important positions, as Minister of Media, Head of the Royal Court, Member of the Senate, and Jordan’s Representative to the United Nations.

We mourn our professor Abu Al-Said, not only as a great Jordanian politician, nor only as Chairman of the Institute’s Board of Trustees, but rather as the great political thinker he was. He was generous with his knowledge, sharing his thoughts and experience with everyone, and founding an important school of thought in Jordanian politics.

Professor Abu Odeh published many books, research, and important articles, the most recent of which were his books “The Diary of Adnan Abu Odeh” and “The Mustadrak on the Diary of Adnan Abu Odeh”. He continued to work on his memoirs until his passing.

Positions held by Abu Odeh:

–    1966: Officer in the Jordanian intelligence apparatus.
–    1970: Minister of Culture and Media in the military government in Jordan (with the rank of major).
–    1974 1979: Member of the Senate.
–    1979 1982: Member of the Senate.
–    1982 1984: Member of the Jordanian National Consultative Council.
–    1984 1988: Minister of the Royal Court.
–    1988 1991 Political Consultant for King Hussein bin Talal.
–    1991 1992 Head of the Jordanian Royal Court.
–    1992 1995 Jordan’s permanent representative to the United Nations.
–    1997: Member of the Jordanian Senate.
–    Consultant for King Abdullah II.

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