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Dialogue titled: The geopolitical crisis in Afghanistan in light of the Taliban’s return to power

The Institute of Politics and Society will hold a panel discussion next Wednesday (15-12-2021) entitled (The Geopolitical Crisis in Afghanistan in light of the Taliban’s return to rule 2021), in which researchers and experts will discuss the effects of the recent US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s renewed control over international relations between regional and international powers Neighboring Afghanistan…

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Extremism and Terrorism

Experts and researchers examine the implications of the Return of the Taliban and the Crisis of Political Islam in the Arab World

Amman — A panel of experts and researchers specializing in international relations, terrorism, and political Islam discussed the possible consequences and implications of the Taliban’s return to power after 20 years of military action against the Afghan regime.  The experts also discussed U.S. military and political support in exchange for the announcement of Tunisian President Qais Said’s decision to freeze…

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