The Attack on the “American Military Base”

The recent drone attack on an American military base along the Jordanian-Syrian border has cast a veil of uncertainty over unfolding details, with repercussions expected to manifest in the coming days. Currently known are the American losses: three soldiers dead and thirty wounded. The media and political arenas are ablaze with rhetoric and controversy, engaging in a heated debate about…

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The Hawza and the State

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PSI News

Media Report: The War on Gaza.. Regional Implications and the Questions regarding the Upcoming Scenarios

More than 80 days after the war on Gaza, or what is known as the events of “October 7th”, questions still hover around the implications of that event which seemed to carry many variables on the Palestinian scene and the conflict with Israel, and on the regional scene in general. It appears that the scene in the region before October…

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Extremism and Terrorism

Is ISIS revival in Syria possible?

Since the beginning of this month, the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” has executed more than four major assaults against Syrian regime forces, local Sunni and Shiite militias loyal to it. Also, at the beginning of this year, the organization’s military activities have escalated, its methods have diversified, and its geographical targets in Syria have expanded, despite the loss…

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