In the “manufacturing” of ISIS’ narrative

In parallel and intensively with the course of the war in Gaza today, a fiercer war is taking place in the field of narratives, which represents one of the most important strategic and symbolic dimensions in today’s wars, especially with the entry of social media and modern technology into the heart of policy and attitude industries and the packaging of…

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PSI News

A strategic analysis of the Politics and Society Institute links the disengagement from the Taliban movement with the breach of Al-Zawahiri’s security and his murder.

Abu Rumman and Abu Haniyeh analyze Al-Qaeda crises and scenarios for the next phase The Politics and Society Institute published a strategic analysis of Al-Zawahiri’s murder and its implications for the status of Al-Qaeda on the one hand, and the possible consequences, dimensions, and repercussions for it on the other. The Jordanian scholars and specialists of terrorism and extremism, Dr.…

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