Political participation promotion in the governorates project.

This project aims to understand the root causes behind the isolation of social components in several governorates, especially in governorates and areas with high population density, from political participation of all types, by opening organized dialogue spaces that raise these questions and try to understand the precautions of these groups. The project will organize a set of dialogue sessions in cultural clubs and associations with a presence in these spaces and contact with actors and activists in them. These sessions will raise a set of questions that frame an interactive discussion about the reasons for this reluctance and the opportunities to overcome it and activate the political participation of these groups and the importance of this participation Based on these dialogues, the project will recommend detailed reports that monitor these causes from the point of view of activists and actors in these areas, and solutions from their point of view. After the completion of these sessions, the project will seek an advanced evaluation of the content of these reports so that, based on them, an appropriate intervention can be designed that contributes to the analysis of obstacles to participating in these social groups and encourage their participation in the various elections.

The project will implement a set of dialogue sessions in a group of youth and sports clubs. These dialogue sessions will host a group of specialized speakers in the contexts of political inclusion and have experience in political work in Jordan, and who have sufficient knowledge of these areas and their particularities so that the speakers lead a dialogue within a group of themes that will be concluded by presenting a set of recommendations in addition to an analytical report on the content of these discussion sessions.

Finally, the reports issued from these sessions will be analyzed, and detailed recommendations will be presented regarding the nature of the intervention needed to raise participation rates in these areas.

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