The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) and the Politics and Society Institute (PSI) launch the “New Voters Project”

Based on its awareness and educational role, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development launches the New Voters Project in partnership with the Politics and Society Institute, which aims to qualify educational cadres on the approach of democratic education that was formulated by the National Council for Curriculum Development.

The project also aims to empower educational political cadres and provide an opportunity for an appealing educational experience for young students to participate effectively in the democratic electoral process in future elections.

The democratic education curriculum targets secondary school students who are on the verge of voting in the upcoming parliamentary elections to raise the level of electoral awareness and empower and motivate them to participate in political and electoral participation.

In this regard, the Director of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, Saeb Al-Hassan, stated that the project’s training for supervisors constitutes a commitment to the pace of political modernization and raising the political level of the bicentennial generation, it is also considered as a translation of the recommendations of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System to ensure the political empowerment of students, enhance the values of good citizenship and motivate them to participate in public life by methodical interactive methods aimed at achieving the expected objective of the additional curriculum, and achieving positive interaction among students “new voters” in this field.

In turn, the project manager, Ahmed Al-Qudah, stated that the project will educate the targeted group of supervisors (experience-transferring to hundreds of teachers) about the concepts and tools of democratic practice, educate them about the titles of the lessons included in the curriculum, enhance their abilities and skills in promoting the values of dialogue and democracy, and provide them the acquisition of the best tools for teaching political and civic titles of the new curriculum that will pertain to student voters in the upcoming parliamentary elections 2024.

AlQudah explained that approximately 60 educational supervisors in three regions (north, center and south) will be trained, rehabilitated and educated on the subject of democratic education, thus they, in turn, will train school teachers.

It is noteworthy that the project is implemented in cooperation with the National Council for Curriculum Development and the Independent Election Commission and in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

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