New voters

       The project aims to bridge the gap between the new voters and their new future reality, as this group is either disinclined to participate in politics and voter for elections and thus reinforces the political unemployment faction, or still completely dependent on voting on the traditional basis.

     In this project, which is implemented by the Institute in partnership with the Hekaya Center for Civil Society Development and the Mwatana Center, and in cooperation with the King Abdullah Fund for Development, we will work to enhance electoral awareness among new voters by providing a program for democratic education and providing an opportunity for experimental practice of the electoral process on a programmatic basis through practical applied simulation and realism, as well as an electronic simulation, whose design contributes to the students themselves in the targeted schools.
     In order to enhance youth opportunities for civic and political participation, including seeking to make youth voices heard by relevant decision makers and encourage youth to believe in their abilities as positive change-makers in their communities.

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