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“Politics and Society” and “Friedrich Ebert” hold a conference “Shiite political Islam in power

The Politics and Society Institute (PSI), in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung(FES) – Amman office, is holding a conference on Shiite political Islam in power, on Friday and Saturday.

According to the Director of Media and Communication at the Politics and Society Institute (PSI), Ahmed Al-Qudah, the conference, which includes a group of experts and researchers specialized in the field of Shiite political Islam, aims to shed light on the Shiite experience, which was able to reach power and hold on to its control by studying its intellectual premises and monitoring its transformations and discourse and its interaction with various models of governance during the last decade in particular, and the internal and external challenges it faces, and this research conference comes in light of the lack of Arab and international references for such studies, in particular, most of which previously focused on the experiences of traditional political Islam in Arab countries.

According to Al-Qudah, in its eight sessions, the conference will address many fields related to the analysis of the intellectual premises of governance models in Shiite political jurisprudence, in addition to identifying the most prominent intellectual currents whose struggle has drawn – and is still drawing – the road map for the future of this project in governance, as well as monitoring Shiite political experiences in the authority, starting with Iran, passing through Iraq and Lebanon, and ending with Shiite political experiences in the Arabian Peninsula, in the context of seeking to reach a more profound understanding of the dynamics of these movements in the context of the specificity of the societies in which they are active.

Al-Qudah added that the conference will also discuss the extent of the impact of regional and international changes on the Shiite Islam project on the one hand and the impact of this project on the region on the other hand, in addition to discussing the repercussions of this project on the foreign policy maker in Jordan. Also the conference will study the reality of women in the Shiite political scene and the nature of their position and role, in addition to discussing the future of Shiite political Islam as a research field, especially since research efforts in this field are almost modest or scattered.

Al-Qudah pointed out that this conference, which is held in a closed virtual via zoom, is the third conference held by the Institute in partnership with “Friedrich Ebert” within a year after the two conferences “Islamists after a decade on the Arab Spring” and “The State of the Caliphate after the killing of its leaders.

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