Politics and Society Forum Book: “The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia”

Before starting to talk about Alexander Dugin and his book The Foundations of the Geopolitics, we must start to look at the book from the angle of our country Jordan, and here we must talk about several points, namely:
– The importance of having specialists in Russian affairs in Jordan, and this is very important for both Jordan and Russia. The job of the specialist in Russian affairs in this case stems from the political circumstance that has governed the relations between the two countries for seventy years or more.
As Jordan was in the midst of the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States, standing at the axis of the United States against the Soviet Union, with that, some points of contact and convergence between the two countries were not absent at times, but in the end, the Soviet Union supported the nationalist and leftist parties in the Arab world, which was It has a contradictory orientation to the regime in Jordan.
But the circumstances of this anxious relationship have changed in the past twenty years. Everyone is talking about the friendship relationship that brings together King Abdullah I of Jordan with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the nature of the closeness in relations can not be summarized in the relationship of friendship and closeness between the two leaders only, but rather it is supported by a political circumstance. It is completely different from the situation of the Cold War.
There are many interests that unite the two countries and make their policies opposite and not mutually exclusive. Perhaps one of these interests, the most prominent of which is the relationship with Syria. Jordan’s position on the Syrian crisis was not far from Russia’s, due to the geopolitical reality that links Jordan with Syria.
But the majority of the Jordanian people and many officials are ignorant of these details, and for him Russia and its political reality are just incantations, and here the job of the specialist in Russian affairs emerges, which is to build bridges of understanding and communication between the two countries through knowledge.
– The importance of the Jordanian official starting to weigh his country’s national interests based on many factors that vary between the military and political weight of the great powers, and not only the volume of aid provided to us.
First of all, the United States does not provide support to Jordan except because of the geopolitical importance of Jordan, and not for good. Therefore, the Jordanian official should be fully aware of this and not look with gratitude to the donors, as in politics there are no donations, and Jordan has given a lot to its allies.
Based on the foregoing, the support cannot be just cash and money, but there is military and political support that a country such as the Russian Federation can provide, and realizing this requires political awareness on the part of the official.
– The foundations of geopolitics are very important as an alphabet for drawing our policies in Jordan to achieve its national interests.
This point builds on the previous one. Fortunately, the “state mind” is aware of the joints of this science, and this was evident during the days of the Syrian crisis, but it must be expanded more and in more areas with regard to Jordanian Arab and international relations.
– We must also begin to formulate a realistic formulation of our relationship with our religious and national heritage, in order to paint a picture of the future. By the way, and if this is in line with Alexander Dugin’s thesis in his fourth political theory and his book that we have, but if Russia is not the next power to our region, we, to protect our internal front, and in light of the fall of the choice of political Islam and brutal Islam during the Syrian crisis, must From starting to formulate a religious (Islamic, Christian and Jewish) and national intellectual proposal to draw the features of the future.

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