The Youth and Identity Project is the starting point

In collaboration with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Politics and Society Institute launched the “Youth and Identity” project, which will provide Jordanian youth activists with training and workshops in the areas of human rights, public freedoms, democracy, rule of law, and governance.
The project comes as a fulfillment of the institute’s mission in building community capacity and youth tools, its most effective and sensitive segment, in the field of influential political participation, in the approach between community and decision-making trends, and in drafting a consensual narrative about political aspirations.
The institute works with Jordanian youth to develop common national ground on stage priorities, common topics of debate, and national identity that embody Jordanian men and women’s ambitions.
This project aims to create dialogue spaces among Jordanian youth in three main areas: democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, which will help young people develop deep perceptions of the state’s form and concept, democracy and political reform in Jordan, citizenship values, national identity, ethics, and societal justice. To do this, the institution organizes training sessions on these concepts for selected young leaders, taking advantage of their newfound perspective on the social contract and the persistence of their desire to make a difference and leave an impact on multiple levels.
The project includes detailing these concepts and discussing them in theory, training, and conceptualizing to develop the theoretical side of youth on the issues at hand, enabling discussion skills and building a political narrative.
The selected participants are divided into two groups to maintain health precautions, they are trained on practical aspects and dialogue, then young leaders are appointed as ambassadors for the project issue in their governorates, to hold constructive discussion sessions online with young people on the topics they have been trained on and collect the opinions of young people from all over the Kingdom. The trainers follow up with the youth leaders to collect their insights from the discussions so that the ideas gathered are translated into the National Youth Charter. The discussions of young leaders will also be translated into a report on youth attitudes towards the concept of citizenship, drawn from dialogue sessions and focus on youth.
By drafting a charter of national priorities that Jordanian youth can agree upon, young leaders will act as representatives of Jordanian youth to agree on common ground for realizing Jordan’s aspirations for the bicentennial of its modern state.
The project’s philosophy seeks to build young people’s confidence in their influence in civic space and decision-making, and their ability to build positions and express them with tangible communication skills that transfer the reciprocal language into spaces of participation, protecting them from extremism tendencies and avoiding hate speech.

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